Paul Howes our White Knight

How hypocritical is AWU National Secretary Paul Howes in Opinion piece, ST, 27 January.

The Rio Tinto smelter in Bell Bay has survived quite well the past 19 years without intervention from the AWU.

I really find his comments as quite offensive in claiming he is supporting his members. It was only twelve months ago that his union failed to back the workers at the Hydro Kurri Kurri Aluminium Smelter with more than 550 AWU members losing their jobs. The smelter closed due to no power contract courtesy of Labor NSW, an intransigent Workplace Agreement, the Toxic Carbon Tax and poor economic conditions.

Paul Howes was party to the Toxic Carbon Tax and uncompetitive wages enforced on the company by the union.

Mark my words his Workplace Agreement at Bell Bay will drive a nail in the coffin for the workers at Bell Bay Smelter.

Aluminium manufacturing is on its knees in Australia with all Rio Tinto, Pacific Aluminium smelters on the market including Bell Bay. Union intransigence, the Toxic Carbon Tax and poor ongoing economic conditions will see the Aluminium industry leave Australia within five years.