Minority groups (Greens) gets all the oil

When the 2012 local government elections were held in September last year I was elected on a first preference of 21.74% while my council colleague James Ryan (Greens) received a first preference of 15.04% One would assume from this result and the votes of Graham Smith (Labor) and myself that we were to support growth and jobs for local people. I am immensely proud that I stood on a pro Jobs/Business platform.

In the Mayrol race Councillor Ryan (Greens) received a whopping 9.09% of the vote across the LGA.

These results are far from startling yet the Greens maintain a high moral ground when it comes to blocking any development that doesn’t meet their guidelines.

The Cessnock LGA has one of the highest unemployment rates around the State a statistic we shoudn’t be proud of. We need new industry and the jobs that will follow to fix this problem.

Last year we saw the demise of the Hydro Aluminium Smelter at Kurri Kurri with the subsequent loss of 500 full time jobs and a further 500 plus contractor job losses due in part to a Labor, Green Independents unholy alliance. This radical alliance due in part to electoral pork barrelling saw the Carbon Tax introduced.

Geelong with a 1.5% electoral  margin  had a $42 Million lifeline thrown at them and the seat of Hunter received a lowsy $42 thousand for a Jobs Market.

The Greens/Independents represent less tha 10% of the Australian electorate yet they got all the oil in policy decisions and funding at the expense of the majority of Australians.

This year we need to really think about where we want to be in four years time and make our vote count. Voting for the Greens may be seen as a great way to protest but it is a dead vote.