Post Election navel gazing

It has now been just over a week since the Federal Election. The Liberal Nationals were the winners overall and probably for the nation over the next couple of years. It is hoped that the financial books are in order and that there are no hidden secrets. People are quoting that we have some nutters entering the senate next year. I ask what is the difference between a “nutter” and an “extremist”? We have just had such a group in the senate and lower house for the past three years holding the country to ransom.
Thankfully the people of New England and Lyne saw through the charade that their elected conservative members delivered for the Australian people over the past couple of years. Sure Labor may have delivered some grants their way so that they could hold onto power but at what cost to the Australian people.
I would hope that we have a mature bunch of people running the country from here on and that stability and prosperity may come our way.
We have given them an opportunity to lead us out of this mess lets hope the Coalition delivers.