My Ten big ideas for Cessnock

I decided to stand for the position of Mayor after the disgraceful exhibition on Wednesday night the 20th of July Council meeting when the Buchanan Mosque was approved by Labor and the Greens.
I had this dream that I could make a difference if elected to lead the City of Cessnock. Labor voters didn’t see my vision beyond a protest vote against the Greyhound industry and maybe the prison decision.

My vision for the city included:

1. Capitalize on the completion of the Hunter Expressway by increasing signage and tourism destination opportunities over the next 4 years.

2. Work towards local towns having completed Curb and Guttering and properly drained by 2030. We need a plan and actions for this to happen.

3. To lobby for the successful rezoning of the Hydro Smelter site and having a successful business park operating there within 3 years creating new jobs.

4. To have a complete civic design plan and implementation for the CBD of Kurri Kurri by the middle of 2017.

5. To lobby for a 24 hour combined emergency services complex including Ambulance, Fire Station, Emergency Services and Police, Highway Patrol headquarters for the Hunter Expressway and surrounding community.

6. Lobby for a new regional hospital in the central Hunter to service Kurri Kurri, Cessnock, Maitland and Singleton areas adjacent to the Hunter Expressway.

7. Work towards a reduction of energy consumption by the installation of low energy street lighting in the towns, and also promoting a low energy environment for the Cessnock district. Council’s annual street electricity bill is exorbitant.

8. Preserve the country town atmosphere in the LGA while not stifling development opportunities.

9. Set a Goal to lobby for a regional (PWR) Plasma Waste Recycling facility for the Hunter .
Need to bring the Cessnock Waste management facility into the 21st Century. Goal to reduce land fill in the Cessnock LGA to zero.

10. Work with committed community organizations to improve cycling safety and additional cycle ways along with supporting the Richmond Rail Trail project