Zero waste to Landfill

Changes to the recycling industry in NSW

Until recently, China was a large importer of recyclable materials, accepting more than 30 million tonnes of waste from all over the world every year. Australia alone sent 1.25 million tonnes of recycled material to China in 2016-17 which is now impacted by National Sword. At the start of January 2017, however, China began to stringently enforce restrictions on the importation of recycled materials under its National Sword policy. This policy has impacted the global market for recyclable material, including the recyclable material that is currently collected in NSW.
WE have been sucked into believing that Recycling (The three Rs) is the way to go and we have been dumping our recycling waste onto China.They have now said enough is enough and won’t be taking our contaminated rubbish anymore.
It is about time this nation really looked at how to tackle the waste stream and not be bullied by the green lobby. Just “Google” Zero Waste to landfill in Switzerland to see how it can be done.