Finally the Kurri Kurri end of the LGA is about to get some recognition

Going back to 2010, some 9 years ago Kurri Kurri business people and one Ward D Labor councilor raised concerns about the neglect and deteriation occurring in the Kurri Kurri CBD
Footpaths were constructed of various mediums including concrete, tar, pavers and in a couple of places in Barton Street they didn’t exist at all.
Council in its wisdom after many complaints about tripping hazards, tar sealed Barton Street footpath as a stop gap measure.
And then along came a project to study the Land Use Zoning and housing in and around Kurri Kurri. But the proposed study excluded the Hydro Smelter land, Gingers Lane land zoning, Heddon Greta and Cliftleigh residential areas. When the business people of Kurri Kurri raised these omissions they were told that to include these areas would make the study too broad! The study also included a separate strategic study of the Kurri Kurri CBD.
Now that both studies were under consideration and finally completed over the last year they were ready for grant applications, as there was no finance available in the Council Operational Plans so the work would rely on grants.
Thankfully the NSW Government issued a round of the Resources for Regions Grants for mining affected communities in late 2018. Council having completed their studies was in a position to apply for a grant for the Kurri Kurri CBD works. The application was for funding in excess of $3 million for stage one of the CBD works.
The Resources for Regions funding announcement is imminent and when announced work should get underway over the next 12 months. Thanks to the current State Government.
I ask what would you think should be the number one priorities?
Footpaths ripped up and new ones laid with a common theme throughout the CBD including the unmade sections in Barton Street?
The Lang and Barton Streets road surface ripped up and renewed as they are both in very poor condition?
Rotary Park public amenities brought up to 21st Century standards including a path down to the edge of Barton Street.
Rotary Park upgraded when the new Pit Horse Statue is installed?
Additional street trees and street furniture installed?
There is a lot of work to be undertaken and $3million won’t cover all the work, but a firm start on works will be welcome.