About Rod

Welcome to my website. I am proud to be your representative on Cessnock City Council.  I have been a resident, business and community leader of the Cessnock Local Government area for more than 40 years and can well understand the issues currently facing our community.

Many employment opportunities are lost to our community through the lack of suitably zoned land.  Our unemployment rates amongst our youth and mature aged population are unacceptably high. (Census results 2011)

I will work on the communities behalf to ensure our parks, gardens and streetscapes including drainage are brought up to community expectations.

As an elected councilor I will encourage a “Can do Attitude” for the Cessnock LGA.

As your elected councilor I will ensure the people of Ward D and wider community are represented fairly on council and are kept well informed of council decisions.

* issues I am focused on include The New Hunter Hospital, proper planning for our area, employment opportunities and community involvement.

If you have any concerns please contact me for support.
Email: roddoherty45@gmail.com
Mobile: 0409 448 191