Facts Vs Climate Doomsayers


To avoid wasting time when debating any topic it is important to confirm WHAT facts are  agreed upon and what are  NOT. This includes Climate Change and its relationship to Co2


1. The Earth is approximately 4,5 Billion years old .
2. There has been climate change/global warming/ global cooling -cc/gw/gc-  on earth for the full 4,5 Billion years .
3. At various times of cc/gw/gc  there has been NO ice at the  Arctic or Antarctic poles and vegetation has grown at both poles.
4. at various times of cc/gw/gc the predecessors of alligators lived as far north at Spitsbergen in Norway where Polar Bears now live  .
5. The industrial revolution is only approximately 200 years old.
6. Compare 200 years to a PINHEAD  and 4,5 Billion years to the total road surface of the whole of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
7. The Earth is presently in an Ice age.  
8. The temperatures during the times of the Roman Empire were approximately 2 degrees warmer than today and wine grapes during the Roman occupation of England and Scotland  were grown as far north as Scotland.
9. cc/gw/gc during the last 2,000 years (an eye blink in 4.6 billion years) has continuously varied . During the middle ages the temperature was higher than today when Greenland/Iceland were settled in approximately 995AD then abandoned when the climate cooled , and  all the settlers died (cooling)approximately 1350 AD .During this cooling period skating took place on the Thames during the winter when the temperature cooled and the river froze over.
10. When the Earth was in its warmer cycles  it was the period of Earth’s greatest plant growth and the great deposits of coal /gas / oil were established and deposited.
11. Life on Earth exists because of its proximity to the Sun if the Earth was closer like Mars the Earth would probably burn and therefore no life -further away like Venus then the earth would probably freeze and therefore no life.
12. The heat coming from the Sun is not consistent and  varies  by  activities -known as Sun spots or Sun flares.
13. The heat from the Sun reaching the various parts of the Earth is also varied by the Axis of the Earth.
14. The heat from the Sun reaching the Earth is also varied by the orbit of the Earth.
15. Formation of clouds in the sky also block the Suns heat.
16. Large eruption of volcanoes and meteor strikes block light and therefore  block heat and cause cooling .
17. Solar radiation from outer space effects the cc/gw/gc on Earth.
18. CO2 ONLY makes up .04% of the atmosphere.
19. of the .04% of the CO2 in the atmosphere 97% come from nature and   3% by humans .
20. Australia produces between   1.3 % and   1.5% of the 3% of CO2 by humans.
21. Therefore multiply .04% in the atmosphere by 3% produced by humans then multiply Australian contribution of  1.5%  =  .000018% (almost beyond measurement) .Therefore Australia’s contribution of  C02 in the Earth’s atmosphere .(.04%x3%x1.5%=.000018%) cannot be measured.
22. The Australian’s chief scientist recently stated that if Australians completely stopped production of Co2  it would have no effect on the worlds Co2 .
23. there can be NO plant growth without water /sun light /warmth/and co2.
24. the greater amount  Co2 on earth the greater the plant growth-i.e.   Co2 is often pumped into a green house when growing tomatoes to increase production .Without Co2 no plant life and therefore the death of ALL animal life
25. N0 ONE   has yet explained how Co2 produced by humans (ESPECIALLY BY AUSTRALIA .00008%) can effect the world temperature.
26. It must ALWAYS  be remembered that correlation is NOT causation.
Finally if we are to reduce our emissions by 50% then what is 50% of 0008%

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