Jobs lost in the Hunter

Last Friday’s Newcastle Herald had the front page headline, “17,000 jobs lost in the Hunter”

This headline is less than two months after the Labor Minister for Family Services Kate Ellis MP made the bold statement at the Hydro Aluminium jobs market held in Ausgust that there were 6,400 jobs on offer that day with 60% of those being in the Hunter. Now that is 3,850 jobs in the Hunter yet less than two months later we have a bold headline that states 17,000 jobs have been lost to the Hunter over the past two years. Now who is telling us the truth?

Having had a close working relationship with the workers at Hydro Aluminium I can say that they were sold a (pup) false sense of security on the day that the Labor Government said there was light at the end of the tunnel for the workers. Less than 200 have found work and some have already lost their new jobs due to the rapid downturn in coal mining.

It is going to be very interesting to see the ABS results from the 2011 Sensus on unemployment in the Hunter and in particular the Cessnock LGA when they are loaded onto the ABS site.

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