Liberals for Cessnock demand answers from Labor and Greens on Buchanan development

The Liberals for Cessnock team have called on the Mayor of Cessnock, Councillor Bob Pynsent and Greens Councillor James Ryan to explain to voters why they disregarded the wishes of the local community when approving the construction of a mosque and funeral home in the rural area of Buchanan earlier this year.

Advertising material recently delivered to homes in Ward B on behalf of Cr Pynsent’s team stated: “We’re here to listen to your ideas and your concerns” ahead of the Cessnock City Council elections on Saturday, September 10.

However, Liberal for Cessnock Ward D and Mayoral candidate, Councillor Rod Doherty, said the Labor Party’s and the Greens’ stand was an insult to the hundreds of residents across the Cessnock region that had expressed grave concerns about the size of the development and the resulting impact on the community.

“The Labor Party are embarking on a series of meet-and-greets, which end up meaning nothing if you don’t take notice of what the community is saying to you,” Cr Doherty said.

“The Greens disgraceful exhibition at the council meeting on the 20th of July exposed their blatant disregard for appropriate planning approvals in the Cessnock LGA by approving a development that will create no jobs and add no economic benefit for the Cessnock community.

“Residents right across the Cessnock local government area made it clear that they believed the development at Buchanan was inappropriate and poorly-planned.

“Instead of standing up for the community, six councillors including Labor members, an independent and a Green took the easy option and went along with the Council’s recommendation.

“All councillors need to remember that they are elected to represent the community. They need to only support good planning decisions and not simply agree with everything put in front of them by Council’.

Cr Doherty was one four councillors  to vote against the mosque application said the hundreds of submissions against the development had galvanised his decision to run for Mayor.

“Councillors and political parties that take their constituents for granted deserve to feel the wrath of the community at election time,” he said.

“Mayor Pynsent, his Labor team and Greens candidates can’t ignore the community on a major issue and then pretend it didn’t happen”.


For additional comment, please contact Rod Doherty (0409 448 191) or Bryce Gibson (0422 277 668)

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